Random Drug & Alcohol Program

Random Drug & Alcohol Program is required for all CDL drivers operating vehicles over 26,000 lbs per US DOT & FMCSR ruling 49 CFR part 40. If your company does not participate in a quarterly random selection program, it will fail DOT audit and may be placed at risk for suspension of authority. All About Trucks offers few choices of Random Drug & Alcohol management. We are able to manage your company's random selections under our Virtual Office. Or, if you are a single owner/operator or a small company with a fleet less than 10 drivers, we can enroll you in our National Consortium Pool. Whatever the size of your company and experience in the industry, All About Trucks will ensure that you are 100% compliant with all DOT regulations pertinent to Random Testing.

How does random testing work?

The purpose of random testing is to identify and catch any drivers that may be using drugs & alcohol while driving. In order to do this, your company must enroll in a Random Program. Once enrolled, a special DOT-approved software will conduct random quarterly selections such that 50% of driver in the pool (Company or National Pool) will be selected for a drug test and 10% for alcohol test. Once selected, we will contact you to notify you of the selection, schedule an appointment for you and obtain test results from the testing facility. All you have to do it show up for the test. When the DOT visits your company for an audit, you will be 100% prepared to demonstrate compaliance. We will send you reports and copies of test results to confirm your participation in the program.

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