We often receive some queries from Brooklyn, New York related to the different types of construction insurance. Well, you can also contact one of our representatives to get a detailed answer according to your construction company needs.

Or, you can simply go through the type so construction insurance we offer in New York.

Commercial General Liability

This policy covers the injury caused to other parties (like the customers) due to our employees and work. It also covers property damage of another party or your own property.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

As the name suggests, this type of insurance covers for damages caused to the injured workers on the project site. The employees also get the compensation due to the disability caused while working on a construction site.

Commercial and rental vehicle coverage

The damages caused by the vehicles used during construction are covered with the help of this policy. This protects you from lawsuits in case your employees cause an accident.

Professional Liability Insurance

In some cases, the owners are not satisfied with the final result of the contractor and might file claims related to poor workmanship or negligence. Professional liability insurance comes as a savior in such cases.

Loss of income

In case the business of a contractor is interrupted due to a natural disaster, it can get claims from the insurance company through a special coverage known as loss of income.

If you are in search of the most trusted construction insurance company in the USA, you can trust Royal Service Pro.

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