At Royal Service Pro, we offer commercial insurance, life insurance, business insurance, and construction insurance. If we specifically talk about personal insurance in Brooklyn, New York, we offer all major types of policies. Let’s discuss each of these in the subsequent section.

Private auto insurance

We offer policies for car, truck, and even hitched trailer. Professional auto insurance from Royal Service Pro ensures you drive safely and confidently.

Boat insurance

Protect yourself and your loved ones while on any marine watercraft, such as yacht and boat. The policies from our company ensure you experience best forms of adventures in the safest manner.

Homeowners insurance

Secure your property with the best policies from us. You can also get coverage for personal property, the visitors, and other structures. Ask about our homeowner insurance plans for this purpose. You can insure your residence, private house, investment property, or co-op with us.

Motorcycle insurance

Choose from different options when it comes to motorcycle insurance. We offer coverage for scooters, bikes, and snowmobiles. This is something necessary of you are going on a countryside highway or exploring snowy mountains.

RV insurance

Recreational vehicles are used to get rid of stress of the daily routine. We further add calmness to this time of yours with our RV insurance.

Renters insurance

Take care of your rent issues with the help your of renters insurance. We aim to simply your life and protect your personal belongings and rights. For the plans of personal insurance in Brooklyn, New York, visit this link:

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