There are very few companies in Brooklyn, New York that offer solutions when it comes to DMV services. Royal Service Pro is one such company you can trust for your DMV services-related needs.

Here, we discuss the major solutions that we offer in New York.

Commercial vehicle registration

It is now so easy to get commercial vehicle registered hassle-free. Just register the vehicle for a commercial enterprise in case you are utilizing the same for your business. You are supposed to pay the required fee and declare the gross weight in order to register a one-ton pickup truck.

Car registration

We are your trusted partners when it comes to registration of your car with the New York DMV. A lot of individuals who have moved to this state have used our help and also various residents of New York have connected with us while purchasing a new vehicle.

Apportioned plates

If your vehicle operates in multiple jurisdictions that are included in International Registration Plan, then you can connect with us for apportioned plates. Your vehicle is applicable for IRP registration even if it is used for transporting property or for transporting people for hire. A lot of individuals who are not sure if they vehicle falls in this category connect with us to get the correct information.

With all these solutions, we have become one of the most trusted DMV services providers in New York. Learn more about our solutions from here:

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