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Through this blog post, we discuss frequently asked questions on apportioned plates.

How to add vehicle in one’s fleet?

For this purpose, you need to submit the appropriate supplemental applications to the respective base jurisdiction.

What is meant by reciprocity?

The mutual granting by a particular jurisdiction of privileges/operating rights to properly registered automobiles that are registered by different jurisdiction.

What to do if a plate is lost?

You need to submit the supplemental applications to your respective base jurisdiction if the plate is lost. Each jurisdiction has a process to replace a plate that is damaged, lost, or stolen.

What are the minimum insurance requirements?

The commercial vehicles are required to have third party liability insurance depending on the commodity hauled.

Can I take the support of a service provider for handling the paperwork?

You can connect with a service provider to take care of your vehicle’s paperwork. Check the specific requirements by your requirements.

What is the definition of an apportionable vehicle?

Any vehicle that is intended for use in more than one IRP member jurisdictions is referred to that an apportionable vehicle.

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