If you are looking for IFTA/HUT service, you should first learn about IFTA in detail. Through this blog post, we will touch different aspects of IFTA.

International Fuel Tax Agreement of IFTA is a cooperative program devised for distribution & collection of fuel tax between 48 states of the US and the Canadian provinces. The aim is to report the fuel use in multiple jurisdictions in a straightforward manner.

Who needs IFTA license?

For individuals/businesses operating commercial vehicles in different jurisdiction, an IFTA license is a necessity. This license is also necessary if the GVW of your vehicle is more than 26,000 pounds and has more than 2 axles. If there are three or more axles, it doesn’t matter how much the weight is.

The registration fees

For the apportioned plate, the registration fee varies by factors like the base state, the states you are going to register your vehicle for, and gross vehicle weight. A vehicle that runs in all 48 lower states and weighs 80,000 pounds, the state fees would be in the range of 1500 to 2000 dollars. Your state will provide you with an IFTA quarterly report, which informs you whether you receive a refund or have to pay fuel taxes.

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