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With over two decades of experience in regulatory compliance and financial services, Royal Service Pro is a trusted partner of motor carriers, employers and staffing firms. From interpreting confusing DOT regulations to FCRA hiring requirements, our clients count on us to manage their safety, reputation and financial performance.

When you work with Royal Service Pro you can expect:

  • An innovative partner who adapts quickly to industry changes and technologies.

  • A comprehensive suite of compliance and financial programs to help your business grow.

  • A committed customer service and compliance team to keep your programs on track.

At Royal Service Pro, we don’t just help you stay compliant – we help you thrive.

Our Mission

From the open road to the office, our customers spend their days in very different worlds. For all these differences, however, they also have something very important in common: their commitment to running a successful business.

To manage the safety, reputation and financial performance of their organizations, these customers need a reliable partner who can effectively manage their compliance, invoicing and background screening programs. By working with an outside company they trust, these motor carriers and business professionals are able to focus on their company’s growth – rather than time-consuming details.

We are a dedicated and knowledgeable staff who assist Federal Motor Carriers to stay in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. We provide each of our clients with the individualized attention that they need and provide the best customer service so that they are always in compliance with the federally mandated compliance requirements. From Drug and Alcohol testing to Audit Assurance, our staff works hard to give our clients ongoing support to get them in compliance, and keep them there.

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