Welcome to our Commercial Insurance page at Royal Service Pro. Understanding the unique risks your business faces, we offer a comprehensive suite of commercial insurance solutions designed to provide robust protection. Our goal is to safeguard your business assets, employees, and operations from potential risks and liabilities, ensuring your peace of mind and business continuity.

1. Business Owners Package

The Business Owners Package (BOP) combines essential insurance coverages into a single, convenient package tailored for small and medium-sized businesses. It typically includes property insurance, general liability, and business interruption insurance, offering a holistic solution that addresses the primary risks businesses face.

Comprehensive Business Owners Package Insuranc
Comprehensive Coverage

Combines multiple policies, providing broad protection.


More affordable than purchasing individual coverages separately.


Simplifies insurance management with one package


Tailored to fit the unique needs of your business

Business Interruption Protection

Covers loss of income during unexpected closures

Liability Protection

Safeguards against claims of property damage or bodily injury

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Business Owners Package?

A BOP typically includes property insurance, general liability, and business interruption coverage.

Is a Business Owners Package right for my business?

BOP is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses looking for comprehensive coverage in a cost-effective package.

Can I customize my Business Owners Package?

Yes, BOPs can be customized to meet specific needs and risks of your business.

2. Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance from Royal Service Pro provides essential coverage for businesses utilizing vehicles. This insurance is vital for protecting against liabilities and damages associated with business vehicle operations, from small cars to large fleets.

Physical damage
Motor Truck Cargo
Non Trucking Liability
Trailer Interchange
Occupational Accident
Robust Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage
Liability Protection

Covers damages if your business vehicle is involved in an accident

Damage Coverage

Includes repair costs for your vehicles after an accident


Policies can be customized to cover different vehicle types and uses


Ensures your business meets state insurance requirements

Financial Security

Protects against potentially crippling costs from accidents

Business Continuity

Minimizes disruptions in your operations post-accident

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Commercial Auto Insurance cover?

It covers vehicle damage, liability in accidents, and, optionally, goods in transit

Is Commercial Auto Insurance mandatory?

It's legally required for business-owned vehicles and ensures compliance with state laws.

Can I customize my policy?

Yes, policies can be tailored to your business's specific needs.

3. Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance by Royal Service Pro offers vital protection for business properties. This insurance covers buildings, equipment, inventory, and other property assets against damage or loss due to events like fire, theft, or natural disasters, ensuring your business’s physical foundation is safeguarded.

Secure Commercial Property Insurance Protection
Asset Protection

Safeguards your business's physical assets

Risk Mitigation

Covers losses from unforeseen events like fires or theft

Business Continuity

Helps quickly recover from property damage

Customizable Coverage

Tailor your policy to specific business needs

// FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Commercial Property Insurance cover?

It covers the physical assets of a business, including buildings, equipment, and inventory.

Is Commercial Property Insurance mandatory?

While not legally mandatory, it's crucial for protecting your business investments.

4. Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability Insurance from Royal Service Pro is essential for protecting your business against legal and financial risks. This coverage safeguards against claims of bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury caused by your business operations or products.

Business Protection with Commercial General Liability Insurance
Legal Protection

Defense against lawsuits for bodily injuries or property damage

Financial Security

Covers potential legal fees and settlement costs

Broad Coverage

Wide-ranging protection for various business risks

Risk Management

Helps manage and mitigate potential liabilities

Business Reputation

Assists in protecting your business's reputation during lawsuits

Operational Peace of Mind

Enables focus on business without worry about liability risks

5. Professional Insurance

Professional Insurance, also known as Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions Insurance, provided by Royal Service Pro, is crucial for businesses offering professional services. This insurance protects against claims of negligence, errors, or omissions in the services provided, safeguarding your business from legal and financial repercussions.

Comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance Coverage
Negligence Protection

Covers claims alleging negligence in your professional services

Legal Defense Costs

Assists with legal expenses in defending a claim

Reputation Management

Helps maintain your business reputation during a claim

Financial Loss Coverage

Protects against financial losses due to lawsuits

6. Directors & Officers

Directors & Officers Insurance, offered by Royal Service Pro, is essential for safeguarding the personal assets of corporate directors and officers. It protects them from personal losses if they are sued for alleged wrongful acts while managing a company.

Directors & Officers Insurance Coverage
Individual Protection

Shields personal assets of directors and officers from lawsuits

Legal Expense Coverage

Assists with legal costs related to defending against claims

Attract Top Talent

Helps attract and retain qualified executives with the promise of protection

Reputation Management

Supports in upholding the reputation of individuals and the company

7. Commercial Umbrella

Commercial Umbrella Insurance provided by Royal Service Pro offers an extra layer of liability protection by covering costs that exceed your other liability policy limits. Ideal for businesses seeking additional security in today’s litigious environment.

Extensive Commercial Umbrella Insurance Coverage
Extended Coverage

Provides additional liability coverage beyond primary insurance limits

Financial Security

Protects against significant claims that can impact business finances

Versatile Protection

Covers a broad range of scenarios and risks

Risk Management

A key part of a comprehensive risk management strategy

8. Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Insurance provided by Royal Service Pro is a mandatory coverage that protects employees who get injured or sick at work. It covers medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs, ensuring both employee welfare and employer protection against lawsuits.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Business Safety
Employee Protection

Ensures employees are covered for work-related injuries or illnesses

Legal Compliance

Meets state-mandated insurance requirements

Lawsuit Protection:

Reduces the risk of lawsuits from injured workers

Financial Stability

Manages the financial risks of employee injuries

Enhanced Employee Relations

Demonstrates a commitment to employee safety and well-being

Efficient Claim Handling

Streamlines the process of managing and settling claims

9. Disability

Disability Insurance from Royal Service Pro provides financial support to employees who are unable to work due to a disabling illness or injury. This coverage helps with income replacement, ensuring employees can maintain their standard of living during their recovery period.

Disability Insurance Coverage for Employee Security
Income Protection

Offers financial security for employees during disability

Employee Welfare

Demonstrates care for employee well-being

Business Continuity

Helps maintain workforce stability

Tax Benefits

Potential tax advantages for the employer

Flexible Options

Variety of coverage levels and terms

Morale Booster

Increases employee morale and loyalty

At Royal Service Pro, we believe in building a strong safety net for your business. Our Commercial Insurance services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries, offering coverage that includes general liability, property insurance, workers’ compensation, and more. We work closely with you to assess your specific risks and customize policies that fit your business model. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the insurance process, from policy selection to claims handling, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Trust us to be your reliable partner in protecting what you’ve worked hard to build.

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